5 Key Reasons why businesses should bring label printing in-house

... and control your own printing
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5 Key Reasons why businesses should bring label printing in-house
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5 key reasons why small businesses should bring label printing in-house

Why should I get my own digital label printer when my business is small? This is the question which many small businesses would ask. And here are some common misconceptions why small businesses choose to outsource their label printing:

  • I think outsourcing is cheaper
  • We lack of space to hold the equipment
  • Lacking knowledge and skills required for printing in-house
  • Maintain the quality of prints

However, the aforementioned concerns are not entirely true. Bringing label printing in-house can actually help you save lots of money whilst letting you be in charge of your own printing. Digital label printers these days have the ability to print with exceptional quality. You could even request for free samples from us to have a look for yourself. The knowledge and skills required for printing is pretty easy and we could even provide a free demo to show you how it’s done!

Reasons why small businesses should bring printing in-house

  • Print whatever you need... Whenever you need

You are in control of your own printing, any design, any quantity, you decide. This level of control is unattainable in outsourcing as you there is a minimum order quantity for every design you would like to print. If you have a variety of product labels and the volumes of each type aren’t high, you might end up with tons of excess labels.

  • Get your labels printed instantly with no more waiting time, no worries about label design changes or regulatory requirements

With your own digital label printer, you get to label your products and ship them out instantly! You might not have the luxury of time to wait for your printing vendor to process your order. Thus, it is more time-efficient to being label printing in-house. This also means hasten time-to-market for your new products.

  • Greater savings and wider profit margins with lower cost per label

Short label runs may be costly but having printing your own labels could bring these costs down. In-house label printing could enable you to generate relatively cheaper labels and thus greater savings for your business.

  • Satisfy customer’s labeling requirements for greater customer satisfaction

Major customers are important and thus it is crucial to keep them satisfied. Simple changes like changing your product labels and packaging to satisfy their labeling and packaging requirements are a low-cost implementation. This is a service you could provide to secure your big spenders.

  • Switch up your label designs

Once in a while, you might want to redesign your labels to attract your customers’ attention. You might not be able to experiment with different label designs when you outsource your label printing given the minimum order quantity.


The digital label printer for small businesses – VP600

VP600 is a high performance color label printer priced within the reach of small medium enterprises. Manufacturers struggling today with high pre-printed label costs and wastage linked with their wide product offerings will find VP600 a must have printer. Although it is compact it can print up to 8.5” in width to cater to all you labeling needs. Needless to say, like every other printer in VIPColor, the quality of print is amazing. VP600 has a print resolution of up to 1,600 drops per inches.  SHOW ME THE VP600

If you would like to know more about this printer, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

5 Key Reasons why businesses should bring label printing in-house
VIPColor September 15, 2021
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