Labelmate LD-200-RS-SS Label Dispenser

LD-200-RS-SS Label Dispensers up to 6.5”- STAINLESS STEEL

Automatic Label Dispensers peel and present labels one-by-one on demand.
As soon as you pick up one label, the next is immediately advanced and presented!
Stainless Steel models are ideal for the food packaging, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

80-147-0008, LD-200-RS-SS, OPAQUE LABELS

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    LD-200 Label Dispensers

    Automatically peel and present labels up to 6.5” wide with the LD-200 Series Label Dispensers.


    Max. Label Width: 6.5” (165-mm)

    Max. Roll Diam. 8.5” or 12”

    (216-mm or 305-mm)

    Core Diam. > 1.5” (38-mm)

    High / Low Speeds

     Max.: 8 in/sec (200-mm)

     Min.: 4 in/sec (100-mm)

    Adjustable sensor for any label length

    “Peel & Present” design:

    As soon as a label is removed, the next is immediately advanced

    Weight: 15 - 16 lbs. (7-kg) depending on model

    Full 3-Year Parts & Labor Limited Warranty