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GPR-31 CYAN TONER(iRAC5030/C5035/C5235/C5240) CANON 2794B003AA {SMART}


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    SMART BRAND (iR ADVANCE C5035/C5045/C5225/C5240)
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    Patented products enable enterprises to maintain favorable market share in the midst of fierce market competition. Our Manufacturing Partner’s successful patent guarantees an IP safe environment for customers to use and sell the toner product in the marketplace.   

    In addition, this patented toner cartridge uses a unique toner outlet device which uniformly and efficiently feeds the toner, resulting in lower toner waste rates and reduced customer operating costs. Throughout the product development process, Our Manufacturing Partner adheres to strict testing standards to ensure excellent product performance and compatibility. The production process implements international standards of quality management systems to ensure that quality consistently equals that of the OEM product.

    As a technology based enterprise, Our Manufacturing Partner has increased investments in R&D and cultivated a high-tech environment in order to increase product innovation that protect independent intellectual and technological property rights. At current count, Our Manufacturing Partner owns nearly 100 patents for inventions, utility model and appearance. These patents further enhance the technological advancements of ePartsRoom’s products and improve overall core competitiveness. ePartsRoom will continue to partner with Manufactures who uphold the concept of “continuous improvement, constant innovation”, and ceaselessly provide high quality and high performance products for all customers.